Water Damage Restoration

Weston, Florida: You Need Water Damage Restoration Help

Ever suddenly feel the levee break in your home? Seeing water rush out of no where, presumably from a pipe hidden behind your walls. What about those occasions where your plumbing, whether in your kitchen or bathroom, just doesn’t agree with the rest of your home? When that happens, you might find your living room, kitchen or other parts of the home under water!

Of course, water damage happens when you find your home flooded from bad plumbing, bad weather or a combination of either. Not only that, home or business flooding can potentially bring harmful contaminants into the indoor environments, especially if that flooding’s caused by sewage back flows.

Even after you clean up all of the water, it’s still going to dry, leaving behind those contaminants. It also introduces a new problem: mold. Mold commonly results from an abundance of excessive moisture—and it’s pretty unavoidable if you can’t get your carpet dried and cleaned properly in time.

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Once everything’s dried, it’s time to get it deep cleaned. Not next year or even two years from the flood—now. Believe it or not, a good deep cleaning helps remove all of the remaining dirt, odors and stains from your carpet, especially if it doesn’t need to be outright replaced.


Trust us: a good deep cleaning will do wonders for a worn out, water damaged carpet.


If you’re in a position where your carpet’s relatively unscathed from flooding, why not get it deep cleaned by a professional? In fact, why not get it completely restored by a professional company who knows the importance of water damage restoration for carpets?


Weston Carpet Cleaners provides excellent water damage restoration services for residents of the surrounding Weston, FL area. Our wet weather-prone state leaves many of us in a situation where flooding is inevitable. So, why not eliminate the problem with finding a great company and get in touch with Weston Carpet Cleaners? We mean clean—and water damage restoration, too!

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Water Damage Restoration @ Weston Carpet Cleaners: We Mean Clean


Child and pet safe cleaning solutions. Professional quality service. All performed without harmful toxins, chemicals or any cleaning solution that may compromise the integrity of your carpet, rugs or upholstery—and the rest of your home.


Why settle for less? Weston Carpet Cleaners provides:


  • Reliable, on-the-clock service
  • Knowledgeable, insured and certified cleaning technicians
  • 24/7  service—we work fast!
  • Affordable prices for Weston residents
  • An excellent reputation throughout the Weston, FL area


The skilled technicians at Weston Carpet Cleaners mean clean. Our cleaning process is designed to specifically clean and restore your water damaged carpet, rugs, upholstery, floor and walls leaving them as if they’re brand new again.

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We clean deep, using uniquely formulated cleaning solutions that don’t spread harmful chemicals or toxins around your home. Deep, microbial and chemical-free cleaning? Excellent water damage restoration? It’s completely possible at Weston Carpet Cleaners!


Hire Weston Carpet Cleaners today to get started restoring your water damaged property back to new again. Call us at (754) 264-8470 for a complementary consultation today.